Insulated Box / Kits for Shipping/Moving Choose Your Type, Color, Size & Packs

Insulated Box / Kits for Shipping/Moving Choose Your Type, Color, Size & Packs

Insulated Box / Kits for Shipping/Moving Choose Your Type, Color, Size & Packs

Maintains the insulation and integrity of your products that present temperature constraints. Each kit includes a pre-assembled 200#/ECT-32 white corrugated carton with a seamless molded EPS foam container and tight fitting lid. Shippers are light-weight and can be reused. Protects against thawing by keeping perishables chilled and at a uniform temperature for over 12 days.

Formulated with food safe, non-toxic materials and sealed in a heavy-duty plastic pouch. Reusable and economical to use.

Ideal for pharmaceuticals, blood products, lab samples and bio products. Moisture Safe film pouches reduce condensation during humid conditions.

Non-woven polyethylene material ensures superior strength and performance. Laminated film produces flexible, durable and puncture-resistant packaging. Gel Packs keep contents cool and help protect the environment at the same time! Manufactured with biodegradable polyethylene film that degrades into water, carbon dioxide and biomass. No heavy metals or residues remain. Sustains an 12 month shelf life if stored properly (temperature does not exceed 86 degree F and there is no direct UV exposure). This Retention Packaging System holds product securely within its proprietary retention frame and revolutionary film membrane. Provides engineered protection for a wide range of applications. Elastomeric film safely entraps the product while providing excellent visibility and product display. The side flaps fold upward, loosening the film and forming an insertion pocket for product loading. The side flaps are then folded down to tighten the retention film and hold the product securely in place. Includes inner assembly and outer packaging. One-piece gusseted liners set up quickly and easily. Made with FDA compliant materials.

Use with Cold Packs to ensure product quality, taste, texture and color. 3/16, bubble lining protects contents from damage while outer thermal material helps maintain a desired temperature.

Puncture-resistant and water-repellent mailers are lightweight, yet durable. Feature "peel and seal" strip for closure.

Cool Shield Bubble Pallet Cover. Use when transporting food or other products that are sensitive to changes in temperature. Easy to use; simply cover top and sides of pallet, then secure with stretch film. Maintains protection even in conditions of moisture or humidity.

Use to create custom sized thermal packaging. Metalized, 3/16 bubble provides cushioning and stops heat transfer through radiation. Provides an effective barrier against moisture, vapor and odors.

Economical Shippers are light-weight, reusable and recyclable. Thick, molded foam container protects contents from crushing and breakage. Made from thick, 1 1/2 polystyrene foam. Use with refrigerants such as Cold Packs.

The ultimate in refrigerant packs. Leak proof, reusable and economical to use. Specially formulated with food safe, non-toxic materials that stay colder than ice. The ultimate in refrigerant cold packs. "D" Double Wall Corrugated Boxes.


Insulated Box / Kits for Shipping/Moving Choose Your Type, Color, Size & Packs